The PACC is the Dutch national contest organized by the VERON which is due in February every year. Looking at the number of participants it is liked by many.

The PACC contest is one of my favorite contests. So during this contest I compete against other hams in the Netherlands. Next to this we also have an ‘Afdelingsklassement’ where all scores from the local hams (VERON section) are compared to others sections in the Netherlands.

The website from the PACC committee can be found at:

Here you can find the rules, scores, pictures etc.

On this website some hints and tips I wrote down for this great contest for Dutch hams (so in Dutch).

73′ Thomas

Rules in a nutshell for non-PA stations:

  • Work as many Dutch stations as possible per band and mode
  • Bands: 160m-10m SSB/CW, except WARC, IARU band plan
  • Exchange non-PA stations: send RST + serial number starting with 001
  • Exchange PA stations: Dutch stations give RST + Province abbreviation: GR, FR, DR, OV, GD, UT, NH, ZH, NB, LB, ZL, FL
  • Categories: SOAB-CW, SSB or MIXED; each HP or LP (<100W), MIXED also QRP (<5W); MOAB (mixed, no restriction on # TX); SOSB-CW, SOSB-SSB, SWL-MIXED
  • Stations may be worked twice on the same band. Once in CW and once in SSB
  • Multipliers: number of provinces per band
  • Points: one point per valid QSO
  • Final score: total number of QSOs x total number of mults

The detailed rules, including instructions for the Cabrillo format, can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format from the PACC website.

Success but most of all have fun in the PACC contest

Succes maar vooral veel plezier gewenst in de PACC contest