AFEDRI SDR Net receiver

Direct sampling Software Defined Receiver
RX frequencies:
0.1MHz-30MHz (Low Pass filter assembled (LPF) – default assembly configuration)
0.1MHz-150MHz (In aliased mode, LPF is not assembled, external Band Pass Filter (BPF) have to be used instead)
Noise Figure: ~17dB (for 1MHz-30Mhz range)*
Noise Figure: ~24dB (for 144Mhz band)*
*input VGA (Variable Gain Amplifier) is tuned to have variable Gain from -6dB up to +44dB
Output data format: two 16-bit I/Q channels (audio stereo stream emulation)
Maximum Receiving bandwidth:
BW = up to 240kHz (for 250 ksamples/s sample rate) – 192k version (current design revision)
BW = 90kHz (96ksamples/s) – 96k version (old design revision)
RF ADC sampling rate: 76.800MHz (or alternatively 79.872MHz)
Power Supply Voltage: 5V (supplied from USB bus)
Power Supply current: 330mA

Price: 230 dollar