To split the antenna signal of the LZ1AQ receive loop to different radio’s or SDR receivers I like to use the F6AOJ RX splitter design. More info here.  Very easy to make and works like a charm.

Below the design, some pictures and my measurements.


PA1M RX splitter design F6AOJ 3-4

PA1M RX splitter design F6AOJ 4-4Pictures where the splitter is direct on the backside of the box containing the LZ1AQ control board (left connection). The cable in the upper right is going to my Afedri SDR. The second output (below right) will go to the receive input of my K3 (now having a 50 ohm dummy load).

Some measurements
Damping at 1 MHz    -3.01 db
Damping at 30 MHz  -3.10 db

Port 1
RX-splitter 3 dB poort 1 0-30 MHz min 3.01 max 3.10

Port 2

RX-splitter 3 dB poort 2 0-30 MHz min 3.00 max 3.09

SWR: max. 1.07 on 30 MHz and 1.4 on 60 MHz
RX-splitter ingaande SWR max 1.42 0-60 MHz