AFEDRI SDR Net version 3

I while ago I ordered a Afedri SDR-net version 3. It provides up to 2000 ksamples/s when working trough Ethernet interface ( 2 MHz bandwidth!) and up 250 ksample/s, when connected trough USB interface.

A great little SDR receiver! Check out the website at


AFEDRI SDR Net version 3 receiver specifications

Direct sampling Software Defined Receiver
RX frequencies:
0.1MHz-30MHz (Low Pass filter assembled (LPF) – default assembly configuration) – version 3 will do 50 MHz
0.1MHz-150MHz (In aliased mode, LPF is not assembled, external Band Pass Filter (BPF) have to be used instead)
Noise Figure: ~17dB (for 1MHz-30Mhz range)*
Noise Figure: ~24dB (for 144Mhz band)*
*input VGA (Variable Gain Amplifier) is tuned to have variable Gain from -6dB up to +44dB
Output data format: two 16-bit I/Q channels (audio stereo stream emulation)
Maximum Receiving bandwidth:
BW = up to 240kHz (for 250 ksamples/s sample rate) – 192k version (current design revision)
BW = 90kHz (96ksamples/s) – 96k version (old design revision)
RF ADC sampling rate: 76.800MHz (or alternatively 79.872MHz)
Power Supply Voltage: 5V (supplied from USB bus)
Power Supply current: 330mA

Price: just below 300 Euro after delivery and local taxes

Setting network IP-adress for the Afedri-net SDR

Note, you should not need a crossover cable with either a direct connect or through a router. Most current devices auto detect the cable type and auto adjust appropriately.
When using the Afedri on a network that already has a DHCP server, you DO want to turn off the Afedri DHCP server. Having two DHCP servers on one network will cause problems.

To set the Afedri’s IP address to one that matches your network (i.e., with the Afedri plugged with a USB into your PC and do the following:

1. Run the “SDR Network Control Box” program (if you don’t already have it, download it from The two “lights” in the bottom left of the “SDR Control” tab should both be green, indicating the software is communicating with the Afedir and that the Afedir is working properly.

2. Click on the “Network” tab.

3. Check the “Edit Network Parameters” box. This allows you to make network setup changes.

4. Check the “Disable DHCP Server” box.

5. Check the “Emulation ID” box.

6. Check the “Enable Network Interface” box.

7. In the “SDR IP Address” field enter an unused IP address that will work on your network (i.e.

8. In the “SDR IP Mask” field enter an (same as your current network).

9. In the “Gateway IP Address” field, enter “192.168.2.x”, where x = the last digit(s) of your router’s IP address (e.g.

10. Behind the number of the Network Sample Rate in green letters it should say ‘Ok!’.
The Network Sample Rate in my case is 2000000

11. Click “Save Network Parameters”.

12. Shut down the “SDR Network Control Box” software.

13. Power down the Afedri-net SDR

14. Connect your Afedri-Net SDR using a networkcable to your raouter or switch.

15. Power up the Afedri.

You should now be able to use the Afedri from any PC on your LAN.

73 – David, AG4F (additions PA1M)

Note 1: Use ping – command (running in command shell) to check connection – it is best indication that everything is OK.
Note 2: The Destination IP Address field on the Networking tab is an information field only, you cannot (should not) edit (whatever it shows)